Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coming Up This Weekend

Don't miss this Sunday, March 13, Octavia's exclusive interview on Khallik Bil Beyt - خليك بالبيت - with Zahi Wehbe on Lebanon's Future TV.

The 3-hour interview airs after the nightly news Sunday both locally and in the US via Dish Network.

Octavia's exclusive print interview appears in the March issue of Al-Hasnaa' - ألحسناء - Magazine. Make sure to pick up your copy.

The Hasnaa' interview was conducted in November 2010 but the editors chose to save it till March to honor Octavia on International Women's Day, Mother's Day in the Middle East (March 21st) and her birthday, March 13th.

The Future TV interview was conducted in February during Octavia's business trip to Lebanon and its air date was picked randomly. Octavia is thrilled it'll be broadcast on her Birthday!


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