Monday, October 22, 2012

Selling Their Soul To Feed Their Master

The Lebanese traitors who concern themselves with a foreign master and its survival over their country’s peace and security are the scum.

This piece is written in honor of Lebanon’s last fallen heroes: Intelligence Chief Wassim al-Hassan and three others and the scores of injured in the latest assassination targeting a truth-seeker and Syria critic. Thus, the focus of my piece is on Syria.

Truth be told, not all those who publicly support Syria do so by choice. Many of them, perhaps most of them, do so out of fear. It is true that Syria left Lebanon in 2005. It is also true that the Syrian army doesn’t control Lebanon’s streets, and Syrian interests do not dominate Lebanese day-to-day life as it used to. But the reality is this: Syria still controls who lives and who dies in Lebanon. Syria controls how many kilograms of TNT one is worth, and when it is time to take him or her out. Syria and its agents control the ledger at the Hariri International Airport listing who came in to the country and when, making it easy to tag them and finish the job quickly and precisely. Syria is the only one who can “protect” you from its evil, so one should be careful not to upset the cat.

The Lebanese who conspire against their fellow countrymen in service of Syria or any other country disgust me. They feed the cat information, they feed it details, they feed it the right amount of explosives, they feed it a few cowardly creatures and cowardly cars, and they gladly feed it its prey on a silver platter. One target after another, one victim after another, every time thinking this will be the end of the killing fest. They don’t realize that it will never be enough for the big cat. Its involvement runs too deep; its crimes are too many to count. What’s another Lebanese? What’s another intelligence chief? What’s another journalist? What’s another intellectual? What’s another politician? What’s another Syria buster? What’s another Lebanese or 10 or 500 or 4 million? They all pale in comparison to the big cat.

To those traitors and others whoever their master might be I have this to say
Get off your seats on the trash piles of history
Take off your coats and remove your masks
Feel the cold as we feel it
Smell the stink of corruption as we all do
Show your true identity
You cheap agents lurking on the roads to freedom
Promoters of political prostitution
Killers of any attempt at truth and freedom
Get out of our life you opportunistic devils
Didn’t you take enough souls?
Didn’t the rivers of blood quench your thirst yet?
We despise you with a passion
Your filth has suffocated us
Your crimes have blinded us
Your hatred has destroyed us
Your backwardness has blocked us from progress as individuals and as a nation.

You, the traitors who sell your souls every day to serve your master, are at the top of your master’s worthless list. You will be disposed of as soon as your role is over. The sad reality is that, for many of you, perhaps most of you, this is a known fact; but you believe that you have no other choice than to feed the cat because you have already fed it your soul. The rest is only a detail!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very powerful article. So tragic that people trying to help Lebanon are being murdered.

Lebanon deserves freedom from oppressors. The violence is sickening. Assad is a savage.

October 22, 2012 at 12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you about 99 percent, the 1 percent that I do not agree with you or have issues with is how can you comepletly jump to Syria. I mean do not get me wrong no wanted them out of Lebanon more than me, it is just you have worked as a jorunalist your whole life, how based on what evidence can you without a shadow of a doubt think its the Syrians. You do not think there are other people who would love Lebanon to plunge back to chaos and know to play the game? I am not saying its not Syria , all I am saying is that when you accuse you need corraborating evidence not just a seriese of events that you decided to connect and interpret them in thier own way. But in the end can you honestly tell me who is Lebanon has not sold thier soul to feed a certain type of master?

October 24, 2012 at 12:50 AM  

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