Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Media bias in coverage of Egypt revolution coverage

Like millions around the world, I’ve been following the Egyptian revolution take shape through the prism of bloggers, Internet activists, and various media outlets. As always, I find it fascinating to observe how the media bias shapes the message and the news.

Tell me what Hosni Mubarak is watching, I tell you what he’s thinking..

• If Mubarak is watching Egypt State TV, he's thinking the new government & Vice-President moves worked rather well. He’s probably busy in meetings reinforcing the above.

• If Mubarak is watching western outlets, he's thinking this is a huge int'l news story; he's picking which network and what journalists should he give an "exclusive" interview to.

• If Mubarak is watching Aljazeera, he's probably on the last chapter of How to Get Around Saudi Arabia for Former Dictators!

My conclusion is that, if you don't watch all, listen to all, read all, you won't get all sides of the story!

Pretty simple.


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Blogger Unknown said...

you of all people -dear Octavia- know that simple truth is never the interest of state tv and in most cases not the interest of privately owned tvs either. the issue would be, take side and choose which channel to follow (and have a peak at the others for your counter-arguments and so).

February 4, 2011 at 8:16 AM  

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