Monday, February 20, 2012

In Syria: A Revolution Born of Sorrow and Martyrdom

While US drones fly in Syrian airspace whether to collect intelligence or in preparation for an intervention in support of the Syrian opposition, Iranian vessels docked at the Syrian port of Tartouss as a clear message of solidarity with the Assad regime.

While China warns of a civil war and asks Assad to restore order, it misses the point that the Syrian leader has been trying to do just that unsuccessfully for the past 11 months.

While western generals, politicians and experts explain the intricacies and challenges of an intervention in Syria, they pretend not to know that their countries are already heavily involved and cannot – make that will not stop now. Their support for the Free Syrian Army and the help they give to the Syrian opposition through neighbors and allies such as Turkey, Jordan and Iraq has been the lifeline of the Syrian uprising and its resistance to the Assad forces.

About 7000 lives have been lost to date; the raging demonstrations and fighting have reached the capital Damascus where a YouTube video showed people displaying a pre-Assad Syrian flag publicly. Still, a delusional Assad plans to hold a referendum on a new constitution later this week. It coincides with a “friends of Syria” meeting for a concerned community to try and stop the bloodshed.

The question now is not whether there should be an intervention and in what form. The urgent concern now should be how quickly should the intervention come and at what price?

The race is on inside Syria between two forces intent on their goals. The Assad camp on one side hanging on to power no matter what the price is in terms of international isolation, internal resistance and the amount of body bags they produce. The Free Syrian Army on the other side, intent on taking the revolution to a peak removing Assad from power and bringing real unprecedented change to Syria.

If a year ago, this scenario would’ve been impossible to fathom, today its stark reality proves that Syria is on track to offer the Mother of all Arab Revolutions.

The one unlikely country to witness a revolution or a regime overthrow stands at the door of history with its heart in one hand and a sword in the other.

No sacrifice will be enough if Syria plunges into civil war as so many fear, and as some would hope to see happen. But if the Syrian opposition is Serious about the freedom it claims to thrive to achieve, then this possibility is already something it thought of and planned for.

The Arab world is in need of a true revolution by the people: A real toppling of a dictator by the rebellion of the ordinary folk. Every minute counts at this point and preparation is key; preparation for battle as well as the aftermath.

It would be remarkable if Syria shows us not only that the most unlikely to revolt did it remarkably and consistently until now and on its own on the ground, but also that it did it right.

To borrow from the great Nizar Qabbani, “Revolution is born from the womb of sorrow,” rings true now. Through the sacrifices of all freedom-loving Arabs, perhaps Syria will add that the true revolution is born from the womb of sorrow and martyrdom.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great coverage of a very important topic. It is tragic that the USA stands by while so many lives are being lost in Syria. President Obama must speak out against Assad more forcefully and take action to ensure that Assad's reign of terror quickly comes to an end. This second-generation dictator has abused the people of Syria.

February 20, 2012 at 12:26 PM  

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