Monday, July 14, 2014

In Gaza Only The Innocent Deserve Support

After every Israeli aggression against Gaza, and they have not stopped for decades, one thinks there is nothing left of Gaza or its people to endure another incursion. Israel has never been able to bring Gaza to its knees despite the military might it rains on the overpopulated strip which Israel with Egyptian support keeps under siege controlling who and what goes in and out.

Israel says it has the right to defend itself against Hamas rockets that terrorize residents even if they rarely cause much damage or kill anyone.

On the other hand, Hamas' very existence is to resist Israeli occupation. It considers it a right to defend itself against occupation and constant intimidation.

Through every attack the IDF claims it wants to paralyze Hamas but targets the entire population instead. As a result, Gazans die, Hamas remains and the rockets continue to be launched. The two have been at this for years and Gazans have no place to go and no choice but to endure.

Hamas launches rockets without a specific aim or strategy. Supporters celebrate when rockets send Israelis racing to their shelters to hide, oblivious to the fact that the imminent response will send Palestinians to their graves. Those cheering on Hamas should know that they cannot “celebrate” Hamas rockets on Israel and then complain of Israel’s killing, maiming and destroying.

In the same token, those justifying the IDF’s repeated disproportionate collective punishment of Gaza under the pretext of self-defense should not be shocked at more attacks, more rockets and more suicide bombings. Violence breeds violence. They should ask whether another incursion is the solution and how can Hamas -- a military group under siege -- launch rockets despite repeated sophisticated operations by one of the world’s top armies?

The damage Israel has been inflicting in Gaza goes beyond the loss of life and property. It is destructive on the psychological and moral levels as well.

While the Israeli air raids are not resulting in the destruction of Hamas and its military wings nor their will to arm, train and launch rockets, they are destroying Palestinian psyche and the will to live.

How many children’s bodies paraded in the media and how many weeping mothers and fathers can the world take? How many overflowing morgues and how many overcrowded cemeteries? How many statements of justification and how many demonstrations of support before the collective conscience understands that all of Gaza is not Hamas?

Do not pretend that young Palestinians can see any hope or light at the end of the tunnel. Examine your words and actions before you cheer, you will find weeping to be the order of the day!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bibi is a bully. The ongoing bombing of civilian homes is barbaric. Israel needs to take out hamas, not little children.

#FreePalestine #MakeLoveNotWar #Peace

July 22, 2014 at 4:35 PM  

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