Monday, January 19, 2015

If I Were Muslim

If I were Muslim, I would be practicing my religion and not preaching it. I would be humble in my dress, actions and speech. I would quietly help the needy, protect my world and make it safer for future generations. I would fast to cleanse body and soul of negative thoughts and vibes. I would surrender by giving myself wholly and unconditionally to the creator and the sole judge of my actions and my life.

If I were Muslim, I would question, challenge and categorically reject the teachings of any person who suggests otherwise.

If I were Muslim, I would not pick and choose what to accept and what to ignore. Nor will I defend Islam by distancing myself of the bad seeds among us under the pretext, “They are not Muslim,” or “That’s not the true Islam.” If I were Muslim, I will say: My god could not have said that killing one soul is equivalent to killing the entire humanity, and incite to “fight them” because he will punish them at my hands a few lines away. Pretending only one of these lines exists, is wrong. Accepting both as true and offering interpretations and justifications is just as wrong.

If I were Muslim, nothing anyone can say or do “insults” my prophet, my god or my religion, to the point of driving me to harm anyone or incite violence. If I were Muslim, my devotion would be so pure, that all criticism will fly over my head while I remain focused on being in peaceful surrender.

If I were Muslim I would appreciate that all religions share the same fundamental messages and the difference is in the technicalities that are the basis of hatred and conflicts.

If I were Muslim, my god would want me to be inquisitive and convinced of my beliefs rather than reciting them like a parrot. My prayer will be unique to me, stemming from devotion and not chanted like an anthem. I would say Militant Islam is an oxymoron and would call for reform to rid our religion of this fatal microbe.

There are many living examples of the way I would be if I were Muslim. They are my friends who will never consider me a Mushrikah (Polytheist), Mul7ida (Infidel) or a Kafira (apostate).

Although they span the world from Beirut to Peshawar, they are not in the streets chanting, “Death” to anyone. They are not on social media justifying evil or apologizing for others’ actions. They certainly are not judging or telling anyone – Muslim or non-Muslim -- what they should or should not do. They are too busy being Muslim; which is what most loud mouths are too busy getting away from!


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