Friday, October 22, 2010

Octavia Nasr Launches Bridges Media Consulting with a Middle Eastern Tour-

October 21, 2010 -- Atlanta, Georgia -- Supporters, friends and fans of Octavia Nasr who count on her voice for a balanced perspective on the Middle East, are now able to experience her Bridges Media Consulting, a company she’s launching with an international tour this month.
As President and CEO of Bridges Media Consulting, Nasr brings more than 25 years of journalistic experience to lead clients through bridging differing voices and talents using best practices in engagement. Her consulting firm will bring voice to a vast “middle perspective” that she believes “lacks a voice.” Through training and consulting, she will assist media organizations and individuals shrink gaps that exist in conflict to create productive and successful communication.

Nasr has a vast experience in traditional media and is one of the pioneers in integrating social media in conventional newsgathering and reporting. “I’ve been on both the successful and perilous receiving ends of social media and have a lot to offer in terms of how traditional media need to evolve to meet new challenges,” she says. Nasr believes her company will help clients figure out the roles different media platforms - citizen journalism, traditional reporting, blogging and social media – play in news gathering and building credible stories and trustworthy news bulletins. She recognizes that citizen journalists are not professional journalists and vice versa, but she truly believes in a role for both of these entities and others for delivering informed and engaging stories. “Through Bridges Media Consulting, we hope to bring expertise and thought leadership to organizations and perspectives in conflict – domestic and global” she says.

Nasr is launching her company with an international tour starting in the Middle East and North Africa. In the United Arab Emirates, she will take part in the Sharjah International Book Fair, then onto Lebanon where she will meet with potential partners and clients, and Morocco where she will moderate a panel of U.S. Arab and Israeli negotiators and diplomats on new initiatives to restart the Middle East Peace Process at the 2010 MEDays Forum. The tour will end back in the United States at the Harvard Business School’s MENA Conference where Nasr will talk about Technology and The Media. “This tour will allow me to strengthen many relationships I’ve developed over the years,” she says. “It will also highlight my expertise as a Middle East journalist and analyst in addition to the social media role I have been cultivating over the past few years” she adds.

Companies and organizations that value Nasr’s diversity and deep knowledge of the traditional and new media landscapes can now tap into her vast experience to “build new bridges or repair broken ones.” Nasr brings to the table a unique perspective and expertise. Her goal, she says, “is to continue to make a difference in the world through Bridges Media Consulting.”
Bridges Media Consulting is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with a target clientele worldwide.

Octavia Nasr Tour:
Sharjah International Book Fair
October 26 - 29
Sharjah, UAE

Octavia Nasr Dubai Tweetup
October 27
Dubai, UAE

GeekFest Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon

MEDays 2010
November 12
Tangier, Morocco

HBS MENA Conference
November 21
Boston, Massachusetts

For more information, use the contact link at the top of this page.

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