Monday, January 20, 2014

This Is The Tower of Babel… Where The Worst Is Yet To Come!

In search of fresh and different news and views, we drown ourselves in a sea of opinion: Unfortunately, the loudest noise comes from celebrities of post Arab awakening and media experts who were sleeping soundly prior to November 2010. Having been awakened abruptly by the unexpected and having been reacting since playing catch up with the times is no excuse. In the public domain, these noise-making machines are in direct competition with various agendas: Some of them petty and opportunistic, others seasonal and therefore temporary, while a few more are extremely dangerous, even lethal. Not to mention the age-old agendas of bankrupt Arab tyrants incapable of reform, unable to share or relinquish power.

Just as in politics, the media scene is filled with master spinners and not many honest dealers. While some intelligent minds and serious reporters are still trying to tell things as they witness them, pseudo-intellectuals are trying to make sense of events for themselves while confusing their breathless thirsty audiences, and extremists climax in their spin tales of incitement and recruitment of more death-lovers.

In 2001 most of the world woke up to something called Al Qaeda the U.S. successfully used to justify its deeds from launching wars against right and wrong targets, to jailing and torturing people blindly -- unable to identify who's a terrorist and who is not, it lumped all under terrorists. Spying and eavesdropping on unsuspected citizens and foreigners became the norm, just as recording conversations, tracking and saving people's online activities.

Was the ousting of Morsi a coup or not a coup? Experts are so focused on the name, they forgot about the change people demanded and some died for.

Is the Yarmouk Camp besieged by Assad forces or FSA militants? While this is debated on TV screens and online, Palestinian refugees and displaced Syrians are starving to death.

Is it a victim of a terror act or a martyr? Make up your mind. Because one is mourned while the other celebrated in your complex culture!

Noise, confusion, terrible foreign policies, mixed with noise of bombs, cries of starving babies, noise of indifference from world leaders, noise of all the experts, politicians and other time-wasting disingenuous personalities flipping lips.

Welcome to the age of everyone and their cousin has a voice, a loudspeaker and a media outlet willing to feature them to entertain or numb the masses and drive their agenda!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tower of Babel is sometimes fascinating, sometimes ridiculous. The media too often focus on the trivial and the trendy rather than weighty world issues that deserve coverage.

It is fun though to see all the independent bloggers who speak out freely and bring their own truth to the universe.

January 25, 2014 at 7:46 AM  

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