Monday, August 18, 2014

Netanyahu: Symbol of A Defeated Leader

Benjamin Netanyahu is not a dove, nor does he seek to be seen as one. Peace with the Palestinians he does not seek or want. He wants security for Israel and if that means making peace with the Palestinians, so be it. But, in this case, he will make sure Palestinians are weakened enough that their presence or absence, are the same.

He resembles his bulldozers that destroy, kill, maim, uproot without flinching. He does so, to demonstrate his care for his people. He blames his cruelty on the goal of keeping them safe. Many believe him and stop seeing his murderous intentions because their fear of how he describes the “enemy” outweighs their reason and even their moral standards.

If life depended on Netanyahu, there would be no hope; as US lawmakers and lobbyists would continue to be blinded by the fear rhetoric wreaking from Israel’s rightwing. Back in 2012 and in 2008-2009, the world was still skewed heavily in support of whatever Israel wanted to do in Gaza. The infamous line, “Israel is responding to Hamas rockets” led every news report then. Israel at the time did not allow foreign press to enter Gaza and media organizations easily accepted the orders and willingly lent their blind eye to the disastrous events.

This year marked a shift in media approach to Gaza thanks to several elements that worked simultaneously:
  1. Palestinian activism took an effective shape. It was unified, smart, intellectual, provocative, nonviolent and unwavering in challenging the usual Israeli propaganda machine. Activists went on talk shows, opined in social media, engaged in significant debates and won the conversation. They created a significant dent in public opinion worldwide
  2. People were moved to act through demonstrations from Sana’a to Sydney, boldly taking the Palestinian side
  3. Foreign media defied Israel’s warnings and reported from Gaza thus providing the truth that Netanyahu would have rather buried
  4. Israel’s leftwing and liberals spoke out against the war. The demonstrations in Tel Aviv put to shame many Arab capitals that remained idle and silent
  5. Palestinians did what they do best, resist and survive. Despite the heavy toll, Palestinians refused to be sidelined, suffocated and crushed
Netanyahu fabricated an excuse to attack Gaza with the aim of destroying Hamas. He destroyed everything he could, except Hamas. Under his media fits and dramatic threats, lies a defeated leader who has no choice but to negotiate with Hamas and the rest of the Palestinians. Unable to guarantee Israel’s security through military means or through dialogue, he now shows his true intentions by preventing human rights organizations from entering Gaza to conduct independent investigations. The very symbol of defeat!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Octavia,

As long as the United Stated keeps supporting the current Israeli rightwing governement politically and militairy (1,3 billion a year) there is no way that the Palestians will live in diginity and have there own state. Even the President Obama said it by himself that the United States will stand by Israel irrevocable and irreversible. There has to be a change in Washington D.C. to put pressure the Mr. Netanyahu. I am afraid that this will never happen, because Israel needs the United States and the United Stated needs Israel.

Having said that, I am afraid that in the current Israeli cabinet the majority are against any serious peace talks with the Palestians, let alone to agree terms to let the Palestians to have there own state. It is pitty and a disappointment that the Labor party in Israel - who once was the dominant party in Israel - are at the moment playing a minimum role in the political playing field. We also have to remember that the Israeli public is hardened the las couple of years. Certainly about the conflict with the Palestians. This helps parties like the Likud and other extremer rightwing parties.

The Palestians between Hamas and Fatah - unfornately have a decade of rows and disagreements. Is doesn't help when the news broke out that Hamas was planning to make a coupe in the West Bank during the last cease-fire. You can argue if the reconcillation between Hamas and Fatah is a threat or a chance for Israel to make peace with the Palestians.

Ultimately Ocatavia, the people who suffer most of this decade of the conflict are both Palestians and the Israelis (with good and serious intentions about peace).

August 23, 2014 at 6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bibi seems too fond of bombs. He needs to negotiate for peace, end the settlements and pray for peace.

August 31, 2014 at 12:04 AM  

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